Atlanta, Georgia, classic rock, rock, funk, new rock, modern rock, funk rock, dance music, hard rock, Rush, Foo Fighters, Styx, Journey, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, bar band, rock band, cover band
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Andrew Thompson - Bass, Bass Synth & Vocals
The name says it all... Classic Rock, Funk, & New Rock delivered with a precision and passion you just wouldn't expect from a local cover band. Comprised of some of Atlanta 's top players, Under the Radar has a history of delivering crowd favorites and deep-cut suprises. While there's no shortage of talent, it's the musical chemistry and spot-on song selection that really stand out.

Few bands are able to switch gears as quickly, and convincingly, as Under the Radar. The ability to move smoothly from modern rock classics by bands such as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Foo Fighters, to classic rock favorites from Styx, Journey, and Rush, to funk hits from Stevie Wonder, The Commodores, and others, is just exactly what sets this band apart!
Under The Radar
Dan Thompson - Guitar, Guitar Synth & Vocals
Brian Burke - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Brad Johnson - Drums